NGO: Raise awareness and funds with Eliademy

The use of e-learning in NGOs is increasing dramatically, like in any other type of organization. It is mostly thought as a mean to train the employees, volunteers and partners. However, creating and sharing online courses can also help out with two crucial issues for NGOs: raising public awareness and raising funds. What about using Eliademy e-learning platform in order to increase public support to your cause and raise funds to sustain your actions?

On Eliademy, NGOs can raise awareness and funds.

Here are 5 easy steps we offer you to raise awareness and funds:

  1. Define the topic of a course

The first step in creating a course is to define its topic. Seems logical but not always easy! To do so, you can begin with writing the vision of your organization, what you stand for and the issues you work on. Your course must be connected with them, to represent your organization and attract people with the same vision. Then, make a list of the core competencies and knowledge of your organization, in link with your vision and values, and define the topic of your course around them.

All in all, your course must both represent you and bring something to potential learners.

  1. Create the course on Eliademy

Eliademy is a user-friendly and very intuitive e-learning platform where it will be easy for you to create, share and manage your course with no training required. Watch this short video to see how to create a course in minutes:

Multiple functionalities are offered by Eliademy: video storage, possibility to conduct webinars, advanced learner analytics to offer adapted content, forums to exchange ideas and spark debate, etc.

  1. Offer your course on Eliademy’s Public Catalog

Once you have created your course, you have two options; either to offer it for free, either to offer it at a fee in Eliademy’s Public Catalog. Let’s take a closer look at each option!

You can offer the course for free if you want the more people to enroll. It is a good strategy to raise awareness on the issue you stand for but it does not bring money at first. However, your learners may turn into donors of your organization if they enjoy your course, learn something new and become more aware about your cause.

If you prefer your course to bring you revenues from the very beginning, you can offer it at a fee, fixed by you. Here is a 2-minute video on how to make money on Eliademy:

The decision to offer your course for free or not depends on the characteristics of your organization, the goal of the course and of course the cost of making it.

  1. Promote your course to your audience

The promotion of your course is the next important step. While a good promotion can bring you hundreds of learners, a poor promotion may drive your course unnoticed.

So don’t hesitate to use all possible communication channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube channel, your blog, website, newsletter, forums, contact influencers in your field, etc.) to inform people about your course.

Describe clearly what the course will bring to the participants and who you are. For a better promotion, use both text and visual content such as a presentation video of the course or an image that represents your work and what you stand for.

Finally, ask for reviews of your course and ask your learners to share it on their social network.

  1. Raise awareness and funds

At this point, the most important is to keep your course active and your learners engaged. So publish interesting and engaging content on a regular basis and start discussions on topics that arouse interest and spark debate.

Another functionality offered by Eliademy is to deliver certificates to your learners upon completion of your course; it can help them stay motivated and engaged as well as provide them with a clear recognition of what they have learnt with your organization. They can then share their certificates on professional social media like LinkedIn, which contributes to the branding of your NGO.

Have a look at our brochure “Eliademy for nonprofits” to know more about the various possibilities offered by e-learning!

And remember, Eliademy is free for nonprofits so don’t hesitate to ask us for a Premium account. If you have any question, you can contact