The 3 online courses you must follow in April @Eliademy

This month we want to review for you 3 free outstanding courses that can help you develop your business and language skills. They are all available on our Public Catalog for free.

As we started crowdsourcing courses under CC license recently, let’s start with a course of the OER (Open Educational Resources) section of the catalog: Introduction to Pitching by the AppCademy Online. Then we will review the brand new course of Adam Crookes Marketing a business on Snapchat and finally a nice short Language course of Spanish by Ana Selby.

1) AppCademy Online – Introduction to Pitching / by Mike Bradshaw

Introduction to Pitching is taught by Mike Bradshaw from AppCademy Online on Eliademy.AppCademy Online is the online version of the AppCademy Acceleration Camp, a 4-week training camp managed by Aalto University (Espoo, Finland). Developed in partnership between AppCampus and Eliademy, AppCademy Online consists in a serie of modules open for everyone: Introduction to Pitching, Dealing with Investors, Digital marketing for Developers, Product Excellence and AdDuplex. It also offers courses for AppCampus teams only.

In the course Introduction to Pitching, we learn how to make a good simple pitch: which are the different elements to include, the structure to follow, which are some pitfalls, etc. It is very easy to understand as it is made of 5 short videos of less than 15 minutes and the instructor Mike Bradshaw is very clear. Specialist of the world of start-ups, he focuses his course on how to pitch a start-up idea.

More than 300 students are already enrolled, so don’t wait to learn how to pitch effectively!

Introduction to Pitching is available as Open Educational Resources which means you are free to use it, modify it and improve it to fit your students. Feel free to contribute to develop all the free open courses!

2) Marketing a business on Snapchat / by Adam Crookes

Marketing a business on Snapchat is taught by Adam Crookes on Eliademy.Marketing a business on Snapchat is an outstanding course launched a couple of weeks ago by Adam Crookes, the youngest instructor on Eliademy. Following the start of his first course Developing your HTML5 Knowledge last year, this 14-year old student had already been featured in our blog article Adam Crookes: Our brightest, youngest and most promising star on Eliademy (July 2014).

Today, we are glad to recommend you his new course. It addresses the original topic of business marketing on Snapchat, the growing instant photo messaging application. The course is divided into 3 units: What is Snapchat? – What tools does Snapchat offer for marketing? – Which brands use Snapchat for marketing effectively?

It is very easy to follow and short in order to provide you with the basic tools and jargon to understand the application and start thinking whether you want to use Snapchat in your marketing strategy or not. Finally, you must do two assignments to complete the course and get a certificate.

If your brand wants to reach teenagers and young people, if you have humor, are able to react quickly and if you want to engage your users with visual content, you should definitely give it a go!

3) Spanish 1- Lección preliminar / by Ana Selby

Spanish 1 is taught by Ana Selby on Eliademy.Our last recommendation is an introductory Spanish course. Easy to understand, it is organized around ten sections on beginner’s topics, such as numbers, reading, colors, greetings, weather, school and Spanish-speaking countries.

This course links to many other educational resources on the web to provides you with the best tools to learn Spanish vocabulary.  Another good point is that the tasks of the students include audio recordings, which is very important in a language course. To finish with, this course only teaches the basics of Spanish language and unfortunately does not bring many elements of Spanish culture to the learner. For a beginner, it is rather fun and makes you feel like learning more… So why not starting now to learn the language of Cervantes, official language of 20 countries in the world?

Spanish 1 is taught by Ana Selby, Spanish teacher in Hunters Lane Comprehensive High School.