Bring your ideas to the crowds and monetize them

We all have something to share. A project, a passion, an idea, or the knowledge and expertise we’ve gathered with the years.

Nowadays, in the digital era, it is easier than ever to spread our ideas and share them with the world. No need to wait months and many refusals to finally see our book edited or to spend thousands of dollars in promotion. Nowadays, anyone can share and spread ideas on social networks, blogs, websites, forums, etc. But how to monetize them? The answer is very simple: create online courses.

The global e-learning market is expected to reach $ 107 billion in 2015 [1]. Millions of people are already regularly visiting e-learning platforms to learn new things. And the e-learning market is growing at a fast pace (five-year annual compound rate of 9.2% [1])… It is a golden opportunity for anyone who has ideas and knowledge to share. Don’t miss it, go digital!

On Eliademy, anyone can monetize his ideas easily.

  • Increase your presence online.
  • Make your ideas accessible to everyone, everywhere.
  • Share your content easily. In an online course, you can share all kind of content: documents, videos, images, audio files, links… You can even organize webinars to connect directly with your audience.
  • Increase your revenues. Making a great outstanding online course and promoting it well can bring you a lot, at a small cost. E-learning platforms like Eliademy only keep a small percentage of your sales. Besides, selling online courses is an easily scalable business as you get paid for the value of your courses not the number of hours it takes you to make them and maintain them.
  • Work from wherever you want. You just need a computer and an Internet connection to get started!

Creating online courses has never been so easy. It does not require any particular training, just motivation and ideas. You can create a course in minutes. So don’t wait to tell the world what you know and monetize your ideas!

To start, we recommend you to use Eliademy, our very user-friendly e-learning platform!

On Eliademy, you can create outstanding courses with a simple attractive design, you are paid easily and we help you market your course on the web. What else to ask?

To get an overview of what you can do with Eliademy, watch this 2-minute video on How to make money on Eliademy.



[1] Pappas, Christopher. The Top eLearning Statistics and Facts For 2015 You Need To Know. “e-Learning Industry” January 25, 2015.