How to create a great online course?

Creating a great online course: art or science? At first, creating an online course may seem difficult but with some experience you understand that you just need to know a few good practices and above all to adapt to your learners. As for good classroom-based courses, the secret is to always take a learner’s point of view and ask yourself: “Would I like to be a student in my course?” A learner wants to discover new interesting things easily. Therefore, two criteria define a great online course: user-friendliness and good content.

Creating great online courses is easy on Eliademy

Here are 7 practices that make a great online course:

  1. Make an outstanding complete overview: The overview is essential because it is the first page the potential student will see from your course and it will convince him or not to enroll into your online course. So catch the attention of the learner from the very beginning by providing them as many incentives as possible to hit the “Enroll” button. How? Clearly describe what the course is about, its outline, learning objectives and outcomes as well as the teaching method. Also provide an up-to-date biography of yourself and tell about your relevant background and story. Finally, an introductory video to the course could really make it stand out, above all if you are good at video making!
  1. Keep the organization simple: Create a different section for each new idea. Try to keep your sections short and to-the-point by only including relevant content. Remember, you want your learner to follow easily your reasoning.
  1. Clearly identify the goal of each section: One section should have one unique goal and this one should be clearly defined. It enables you to create a well-organized course and clearly set the expectations for the learner.
  1. Provide attractive content: Don’t only offer plain text to your learners, it is not appealing! Instead, always add images, infographics, videos, slides, quotations, etc. that make your online course more living, less boring for the learner.
  1. Address your learners directly: A great online course must be modern and lively. Speak directly to your learner and take him with you to a learning journey. A good way to do that is to build your online course like a story. You can also use the forum and conduct webinars to connect better with your audience. The more interactive you course is, the more the learners will stick to it over time. So create a real learning community around your course.
  1. Link to other web resources, opinions of experts, etc. These links will increase the value of your online course and provide a good basis for the learner to look further than it.
  1. Help the learner test his newly-acquired knowledge efficiently: Put some effort into designing interesting and even challenging tasks.

During all the process of your course’s creation and when you are running the course, ask yourself the simple question: “Would you like to be a student of your course?” If the answer is definitely yes, you must be on the right track, but don’t forget to ask its opinion to the audience you are targeting as well.

On Eliademy, it is easy to create an online course in minutes, this way we let you focus on the content and you let us deal with the technical details! Easy!

To go further, please watch this 2-minute video on How to Create a Course on Eliademy.