How to use an LMS in my company?

The online corporate training market is growing by 13% per year and is expected to keep this pace until 2017 [1]. According to the 2014 Training Industry Report, 44% of US companies are planning to purchase online learning tools and systems and 41% intent to purchase a Learning Management System (LMS) [2].

A Learning Management System is a system for the administration, the tracking and the delivery of educational content and training programs within an organization. LMS are increasingly used in companies worldwide because they enable them to train efficiently their employees online.

Eliademy Premium is an effective Learning Management System for companies to train their human resources online.

How to use all the potential of LMS within your company?

  1. Spread the values, mission and vision of your company

  2. Adapt to your employees schedule and allow them to learn at their own pace

  3. Train your employees to the specific tools and software your company uses

  4. Keep your employees up-to-date in their field

  5. Provide transversal training to all your employees

  6. Share material easily in your organization

  7. Track performance with advanced analytics and certificates of completion

  8. Create a learning community within your company

  9. Cut down on training expenses

  10. Also train your partners and customers!

If you would like to know more about what great opportunities e-learning can provide you with, take a look at Eliademy’s brochure on Eliademy for Corporate Training.

Eliademy is a user-friendly LMS already in use in more than a thousand organizations. A free 30-day trial of Eliademy Premium is offered to all. To try it out in your company, you register here.



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[2] The Industry Report. 2014 Training Industry Report. “Training Mag” November/December 2014.