All Hands Volunteers, welcome to Eliademy

The US-based NGO All Hands Volunteers recently joined Eliademy’s community. Founded in 2005, All Hands Volunteers provides “immediate, effective and sustainable support to communities in need by harnessing the energy and commitment of dedicated volunteers” [1]. They intervene worldwide to address the needs of communities impacted by natural disasters.

The NGO All Hands Volunteers uses Eliademy to provide online training to its staff.

All Hands Volunteers relies on a pool of staff and volunteers working in different regions of the globe. It will use Eliademy as a Learning Management System in order to provide training to its staff and keep it up-to-date with current terminology and processes. In an ever-evolving environment, it is indeed crucial for NGOs to deliver training materials on a regular basis and spread their values and mission to all their staff no matter their location.

Using an e-learning platform enables NGOs to provide effective and centralized training to their staff, who can access it anywhere, anytime.

All Hands Volunteers is currently helping the relief efforts in Nepal, following the very powerful and deadly earthquake of April 25 2015. In the last two days, the NGO has participated in the distribution of 4500 emergency relief packages to Nepalese communities impacted by the earthquake. All Hands Volunteers works in close collaboration with local and government groups in order to build a long-term recovery plan. You can read the news of the organization and help it in its mission here.



[1] All Hands Volunteers, About Us, accessible from: [29/04/2015]