Torbay National Coastwatch Institution, welcome to Eliademy

We are very glad to welcome on Eliademy Premium the Torbay National Coastwatch Institution. This institution relies on a network of volunteers who keep running the Torbay Station and keep a visual safety watch around Torbay. The Torbay Station is located in Devon in England. A new tower was built in 2010.

Torbay National Coastwatch Institution uses Eliademy to provide online training.Torbay National Coastwatch Institution is part of the National Coastwatch Institution, a registered charity in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1994, it today gathers more than 2000 uniformed trained volunteers who assure the visual watch of part of the UK coastline. It has 50 established watch stations such as the one in Torbay. Surveillance of the sea is crucial and therefore is the role of the National Coastwatch Institution, which has already reported 66 incidents in 2015. All thanks to motivated and conscientious volunteers!

We are very proud to assist the Torbay National Coastwatch Institution in its mission and help it provide online training to its volunteers.

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