Simple online school, welcome to Eliademy

Simple online school is an India-based non-governmental organization and a good online educational project. The NGO recently started using the e-learning platform Eliademy so as to spread knowledge in schools, institutions, organizations and among individuals. It aims for the holistic growth of school children and individuals – online.

The NGO is based on the belief that teaching of mandatory subjects is not enough to succeed. Children and individuals need more practical skills such as effective communication skills, self teaching capabilities, social skills, art and culture appreciation, professional command of foreign languages, life coaching, being net savvy, etc. These are the skills taught in the Simple online school. Currently the project is fully functional in English and Kannada languages (a language predominantly spoken in the South-Indian state of Karnataka, where the NGO operates from), and supports about 22 languages.

Within the Simple online school, the teaching of basic knowledge in computers is very much emphasized as it is a compulsory skill to have to apply for almost any job nowadays.

All non-profits and public academic institutions have access to Eliademy Premium for free and those organizations can save thousands of euros per year by using it as a replacement for Blackboard or Moodle platforms for instance.