Tallinn Upper Secondary School for Adults welcome to Eliademy!

Tallinna Täiskasvanute Gümnaasium

Tallinna Täiskasvanute Gümnaasium

Today we welcome to Eliademy Tallinn Upper Secondary School for Adults. They are the largest adult gymnasium in the Republic of Estonia which offers opportunities for learners to continue their interrupted road of general education from 8th to 12th grade. Their team is like one big family, where there is a humanist approach and a belief that success will be received by:

  • Inclusion and training of personnel
  • Learner- centerness
  • Regular interviews of interest groups
  • Modern and effective leadership

During 16 years of cooperation they have created common values that have helped them to cope well in the situation of constant changes. They value trust in school relations, quality in management and learning, openness to cooperation with partners and through continuous development.

Over 20.000 students from Estonia are trained on monthly basis on Eliademy and the numbers keep growing by the day. In the coming months we see the first Estonian based courses being sold on Eliademy exclusively. We welcome our latest school with full heart and a wish that they will utilise our functionalities to the maximum.