A warm thank you note

We at Eliademy, we have been trusting Your data to UpCloud.com, a Finnish cloud infrastructure provider. UpCloud has been a reliable partner for many years now.

For the last 5 years, UpCloud has been exceptionally good at keeping our servers up and running 24/7 without any interruption. Always happy to serve and support and in case of argument or dispute, they always took the blame in order to satisfy us.

Last month, UpCloud has given us a free service month in order to support the free learning of 700.000 students worldwide, served by servers in Finland.

For the many years of good service, for their bold and unexpected gesture of gratitude to support our mission to democratize learning with technology and for their contribution to that, we sincerely say THANK YOU.

If you need EU based datacenter for your blog, company website, for your cloud servers, we highly recommend Upcloud.com . You can use this link to get an extra discount with promo code 8N86E8.

Thank you UpCloud for the 5 years of service and looking forward for another 5!