A Fresh Approach to Global Learning: Eminus Academy with UN Habitat

Eminus Academy is an e-learning program that uses accessible technology in areas that do not otherwise have the infrastructure or opportunities to access formal education. Eminus provides professional training and resources focused on sustainable development, project management, community mapping and place-making. Upon completion of the courses offered, students are awarded a certificate that is provided. With technology becoming the way of the future, Eminus Academy bridges the gap of educational systems by offering quality skills to marginalized populations across the globe

Eminus partners with UN Habitat – the human settlement branch of the United Nations to work towards achieving some of the SDGs. Not only does UN Habitat authorize certificates for Eminus, but they also help achieve:


We believe that the future is dynamic and vibrant. Therefore, Eminus has some exciting upcoming opportunities. We are launching new courses in early 2018 that address entrepreneurship, social development, climate change, proposal writing, marketing skills and project management. These new vocational courses are all aligned with the SDGs and will help expand Eminus Academy to be accessible to over 78 countries around the world.

This expansion includes a recent proposal for using Eminus for place-making training in the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Northern Uganda. To make this happen, we are partnering with the Anhart Foundation, among other partners, to offer these courses in areas that do not have access to formal education. Our goal is for youth living in informal settlements to have the opportunity to learn vocational skills and to provide training that will allow students to improve living conditions through sustainable practices and development. Two courses will be offered in early 2018 as part of a pilot project to introduce these online courses to the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement. The hope is that, with enough support, these courses and more will be offered on a continuous basis in the future.

While Eminus partners with incredible organizations, we also need you. Our new funding model is centred around paying it forward. With the purchase of one course, another student is able to attend Eminus Academy for free.  

Are you passionate about the same issues we are? Are you interested in supporting Eminus or registering for one of our courses?

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Registration: January 15th, 2018

Class Start Dates:

Responsible Consumption and Waste Management: Responding to Climate Change: January 15th, 2018

Social Enterprise: Innovation and the SDGS: January 15th, 2018

Food Systems: From Seed to Market: May 1st, 2018

Community Mapping and Digital Storytelling: Implementing the SDGs: May 15th, 2018

Bangladesh government takes into use Eliademy (MRDI MOOC platform)

19 December 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh:

To enhance the knowledge base of the designated officers
under the Right To Information Act, 2009, MRDI provided technical and knowledge advisory support to Information Commission in developing an online training platform using Eliademy.

The platform was launched through a ceremony where the Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam was present as the chief guest. Permanent Member, National Human Rights Commission Md. Nazrul Islam; Information Commissioner, Information Commission Bangladesh Nepal Chandra Sarker and Khurshida Sayeed; Secretary, Information Ministry Martuza Ahmed; Secretary, Coordination and Reforms, The Cabinet Division Md. Ziaul Alam was present at the ceremony as special guests. The
Chief Information Commissioner Professor Golam Rahman presided over the ceremony.

The Cabinet Secretary said “This is the first time ever that the Bangladesh government has launched an online training module. The RTI designated officers can now easily train themselves from anywhere.”
He thanked MRDI for coming up with such an innovative initiative. To boost the governance indicator the Government can further utilize such online training approach to save time and resource, he added.

Welcoming the innovation the Chief Information Commissioner said “We have a long tradition of hiding information and an introduction of Right to Information Act will bring positive change. But it is a matter of regret that only a few number of government designated officers are aware of the Act. To address the problem the Information Commission with support from MRDI introduced online training course on
RTI for designated officers. I hope this training will help the government officials to develop their capacity on RTI as well ensure people’s access to Information.”

The other guests also welcomed such initiative and stressed that MRDI can provide knowledge advisory support to the Government of Bangladesh to adopt MOOC within the government system.

The Eliademy platform is a well equipped  knowledge service,  which captures and utilizes local knowledge for creating a unique gateway to implement RTI Act.

The platform can be accessed through the web, mobile phone using the internet to be used for comfort learning. MRDI is a multi-disciplinary, not-for-profit, non-government organization, engaged in a wide spectrum of social development activities and developing the standard and quality of the media, along with skill
and ethics of the media professionals, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Enactment of the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTIA) has been a significant event in terms of protecting and promoting citizen’s right to know in Bangladesh. With the growing number of Designated Officers, the challenge is to empower them to effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities.

Considering the limitations, MRDI in partnership with The Cabinet Division, Bangladesh and Information Commission, Bangladesh launched the initiative. The online platform is now available in the website of Information Commission, Bangladesh and The Cabinet Division.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance note

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is a regulation by which the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission intend to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU.

This affects all services within EU and also Eliademy. Here is our statement of compliance with the upcoming change. As this law is new and interpretations may vary, we in good faith and to the extent of what we understand, we have the following view:

  • Personal data

Personal data is any information relating to an individual, whether it relates to his or her private, professional or public life. It can be anything from a name, a home address, a photo, an email address, bank details, posts on social networking websites, medical information, or a computer’s IP address.

Eliademy stores personal data but very limited to Photo, Name and temporarily IP of a computer. Courses created could be the Intellectual Property of an organization for whom the employee works and might have a separate agreement on the subject.

All data are stored in Helsinki, with additional servers in Germany and France and we do not send voluntarily any data to outside EU countries.

  • Decisions based on algorithms

Eliademy does not make any algorithmic decisions related to a person or a course. Once we deploy Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning we will inform what are the decision points to the public so everybody is aware

  • Consent

All Eliademy users are informed upon login about Cookies and another tracking technologies and by login in, they accept our Terms of Service. We do not advertise the platform to kids under the age 14 and we forbid the usage by underage kids as described in our Terms of Service

  • Data protection officer

Is our CTO and can be reached at cto at eliademy dot com

  • Pseudonymisation of personal data

We are relying on obfuscation methods that our open source code supports. We are investigating the need for additional obfuscation and if we see that we will need an additional layer of security we will automatically apply a new one.

  • Data Breaches

From 2013 to now, Eliademy never had a security breach and we do not intend of having one. However, in the case that our service will be compromised then we will follow the regulation and report asap the incident to the local authority

  • Right to be forgotten

From day one, Eliademy is applying the rule that all data are erased upon a request of a user. All users can delete all their records by sending an email to support at eliademy dot com

  • Data portability

We offer, as paid service, the movement of Personal data and Course data if requested. The content would be exported in Moodle format and costs 100 euros per working hour for data to be moved.

We congratulate EU for taking a stand on the Privacy of Personal data, we are also internet users as well. We will update our policy and compliance note as more interpretations are available. For the time being, we believe that we comply with the regulation from our day 1, February 2012.

We believe Eliademy was one of the first LMS platforms to have a liberal Terms of Service by giving the opportunity to be forgotten, by protecting the data without a breach and by having an option to migrate Course data to another compatible platform.

In case of further concerns, you can always ask support at eliademy dot com for more clarifications. If you are business, we even have multiple courses that you can take on the subject, for free.



We search for Ed-tech Heroes and we found few

Eliademy is searching around the world for ED tech concepts, ideas, products and services that could change the world. We found one in Cyprus and we are here to tell you their story. As a company, we have no affiliation with MyBook Heroes but we see ambition and a good concept that can help kids, based on that we honour them by mentioning their service to our newsletters and social media. You should try them as well!

Do you have Educational Technology worth spreading? Send us an email and we will support you.

How to turn your kid into a Hero

MyBook Heroes offers customized children’s books, where the books will always star your child as the main character. This is made possible by a web platform which allows users to input a child’s name and choose an avatar, preview, and then a physical copy will be delivered for you and your little one to experience rich adventures. MyΒook Heroes opened their doors two weeks ago and have already sold hundreds of books, receiving great reviews and feedback.

 MyBook Heroes focuses on communicating life skills and simple philosophies to children in vivid settings. Lessons such as leadership, perseverance, and courage are taught in easy to grasp concepts. Children are able to visualize themselves overcoming obstacles and embracing new ideas. The books help to build their confidence and facilitate learning.

The founders believe that children might close their ears to advice, but open their eyes to examples. The life lessons presented in their personalized book will resonate with them, as the examples come in fun rhymes and colourful scenarios.

To help your little hero on their journey through the book, they will be accompanied by fantastic friends with their own unique personalities. The illustrations are vibrant, charming, and will leave your kids with a sense of wonder.

‘Only children believe they are capable of everything, so to us it is obvious that if we place them in the story and we add the lesson, we should have the best possible results in learning’ said D. Howard, illustrator at MyBook Heroes.

MyBook Heroes has claimed first place awards already in multiple innovation competitions. They joined IDEAcy the accelerator / incubator early 2017. IDEAcy is supported by the Bank of Cyprus.

The team is now actively looking for investors in order to expand internationally. If you are interested for further information regarding becoming a shareholder, please contact info@mybookheroes.com

Reading to kids at a young age offers positive neurological, educational, psychological, social and linguistic benefits. These benefits translate to academic success, love for learning and personal development. It also enhances development of social skills, self-awareness and boosted self-esteem.

The founders feel that children constantly compare themselves to unrealistic super heroes, which is not helping in trusting their own abilities. MyBook Heroes believes that by starring your child as the main character, the connection with the book is improved and the lessons are easier to adopt.

MyBook Heroes can be found at www.mybookheroes.com, or on their Facebook page and Instagram. You can contact them directly through their email info@mybookheroes.com


We are adjusting pricing, November 1st

Eliademy is adjusting our pricing to more accurately reflect the value users get from the service and to prepare the ground for groundbreaking updates (machine learning, popular requests such video recording).

If you are already a customer, this price change will not affect you; your current plan will remain the same until you decide to divorce us.

The changes will affect and be applied to all new customers, starting from 1st of November 2018. The price increase is as follows, from 5 euros per month for Admin user to 10 euros per month, and from 1 euro per user to 2 euros per user.

If your organization has 10 users then your annual cost will be:

120 euros flat free for admin user and 240 euros for the 10 users, 360 euros annual cost.

If your organization has 30 users then your annual cost will be:

120 euros flat fee for admin and 720 euros for the 30 users, 840 euros annual cost.

We want all of our users to be on annual prepayment plans so we have made the following sweet proposal: unlimited users, webinars and courses for only 500 euros per year. We recommend that you upgrade to the annual plan for big savings.

Again all current Premium customers will not be affected by this change and they can still use old discounted coupons to get annual prepayment at lower prices.

We believe this change will help us serve you better and provide updates in faster times and also reflect the current market situation. According to our benchmark, Eliademy.com has the best design, superb capabilities and offered as the lowest price that you can find, even after this adjustment in pricing.

Want to know the benefits of our new white label service? Check this slide deck. Starts at 4.500 euros per year and can reduce the expenditure of a small size university or trainers house (1000-5000 users) by 90%.

Apua yritysten ongelmien ratkaisuun – ilmainen verkkokurssi!

1-9 hengen mikroyrittäjille on nyt saatavilla verkkokurssi, jonka pohjana on käytetty väitöstutkimusta 33 eri alan yritysten yhteisistä ja yleisistä ongelmista. Ongelmia on kartoitettu yhteensä huimat 690 kappaletta ja selkeästi monet niistä ovat yhteisiä kaikille yrittäjille.

Hugo Simberg

Verkkokurssi soveltuu sekä aloitteleville yrittäjille että kokeneille sarjayrittäjille ja mikä parasta se on ilmainen. Kurssi kestää n. 30-60 minuuttia (voit edetä omaa vauhtiasi ja tehdä vaikka osissa) ja sen aikana käydään läpi yhteensä 10 eri aihetta jotka auttavat sinua kehittämään oman yrityksesi kilpailukykyäsi.

Tavoitteeni oli luona kurssi joka on samalla helppo, nopea sekä tehokas. Toivottavasti onnistuin siinä, mutta otan mielelläni vastaan parannusehdotuksia.

ilmainen verkkokurssi!

Ultra Lean Business

Alla muutamia lyhyitä otteita kurssilta:

Helpoin, nopein ja tehokkain tapa oppia omista asiakkaista on ymmärtää miksi asiakas ostaatuotteita tai palveluja juuri sinulta, eikä esimerkiksi kilpailijaltasi.

Kaikki tekevät joskus virheitä tai epäonnistuvat tekemisissään. Usein ne koetaan negatiivisina asioina ja yritetään unohtaa mahdollisimman pian. Väärin!

Joku viisas on sanonut että “Riittää kun olet hieman parempi kuin kilpailijasi”. Tämä pitää usein paikkansa ja näin ollen menestymisellesi onkin tärkeää…

Yrittäjänä ja/tai toimitusjohtajana sinä olet vastuussa yrityksen suunnasta ja vauhdista – kukaan muu ei sitä tee. Liikkeelle kannattaa lähteä selkeän…

Maailma muuttuu kiihtyvää vauhtia ja muutoksen nopeus tulee kasvamaan myös jatkossa. Jotta pystyt parhaiten vastaamaan muutokseen, on tärkeää tuntea ensin oma toimiala ja siihen aiemmin liittyneet muutokset. Esimerkinomaisesti, keskitymme alkuun 3D-tulostukseen.

Tällä hetkellä vain noin 5-10% Suomalaisten yritysten liikevaihdosta tulee digitaalisesta kaupankäynnistä, mutta tämä osuus kasvaa kiihtyvää vauhtia. On ennustettu että digitalisaation myötä jopa 30-45% nykyisistä töistä poistuu (ja korvautuu muulla työllä) seuraavan 10-20 vuoden aikana, joten myös merkitys pienyrityksiin tulee olemaan huomattava