New MooC for Finnish teachers on how to use iPads in Education

Tero Toivanen is a Finnish teacher with passion in music & arts, works for Kilonpuiston koulu (school) in Finland. He lived many years in Santiago de Cuba and currently he is teaching autistic pupils.

He is part of the best educational system of the world, the Finnish system, and he has something to share with the rest of world.

Tero fell in love with Eliademy at first sight, he liked the functionality and the capability to create MooCs with few clicks so he gathered few more teachers and created a new MooC project in order to teach other teachers on how to bring technology into their classroom.

We at Eliademy promised to support him unconditionally and encourage him to utilise our newly released LIVE functionality as part of his course.

We believe that teachers like Tero can bring change into our world, by altruistically share their knowledge or by selling it at a fair price. There are plenty of unknown teacher stars out there and Eliademy wants to bring the spot light on them, the teachers – our unknown heroes.

Welcome Tero!


Learning could be ambient too: using SoundCloud to make an audio-based course on Eliademy

When we think of online courses, oftentimes we think of videos, text, slideshow, quizzes and all the other elements that come with an traditional, educational offering. But, what if you don’t have the time to sit down and fix your eyeballs on a whole one-hour-long lecture? What if you are driving and you just want to listen to a short Spanish language tutorial on the go? What if you have limited Internet connection but would still like to take the course anywhere at anytime? And what about those among us who have learning disabilities but are eager to learn?

An equally important question for teachers themselves is: is it possible to make an appealing course even if I am a bit camera-shy?

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 4.15.18 PM

Turning your lecture into a sound track is a good answer to all the questions above and a great way to create contextual, bite-sized and equally educational content. Luckily, on Eliademy, you could easily get it done. Here is how:

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Aubrey Esmeralda: help people rebuild their lives by learning a new language

Today we would like to introduce you to a very special Eliademy teacher, Ms. Aubrey Esmeralda. Aubrey is a certified English and Filipino/Tagalog teacher from the Province of Antique in Philippines. A teacher of 14 years of experience, Aubrey has been exploring online and offline teaching with her students of various international background and age since 2007. Her experience tells her that online education gives her students the flexibility to effectively engage in their own language learning styles.

What is so special about Aubrey? Since she was 14, Aubrey has been involved in charity work. After Typhoon Yolanda hit Philippines in 2013, she started donating a portion of the revenue from the online courses she is teaching on Eliademy to the Support Education program of the ELAICenter and House of Esmeralda mission for the Yolanda victim children in Antique, Philippines. Aubrey also visits these children regularly with food and supplies.


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Debbie Corso: “I want you to know that you are NOT alone. You are a survivor. You are strong, and no matter what anyone says, you can get well”

Becoming great at something comes from studying and preparing yourself academically for the competitive and challenging professional world. However, you can teach, inspire and change people’s lives based on your personal experience. For this reason, the Eliademy team did not want to miss this opportunity to introduce you a very particular and inspirational person: Debbie Corso.

Take a moment and read about how she has been able to help many people based on her own experience with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Debbie png

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Sören Forsdal: Finding passion in Technology and inspiration to teach others

Continuing with this section where we get to know a bit more about our beloved instructors, we came across a very particular and original person who has found true passion on technology. Sören Forsdal saw an opportunity while facing a problem on creating his courses, and felt the need to teach everyone how to solve problems that might affect more often that you think when you want to create something with good quality.


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