Weekly Product Update

This week’s update has focused largely around improving email invitation and notifications experience. In particular, we’ve:

  • Simplified email invitation text and added clearer instructions on accepting invitations
  • Improved reliability of forum updates notifications. If you set your email preferences to “instant” you will get a notification about activity on forum within minute
  • Updated algorithm of student’s progress calculation. If you have hidden tasks on the course – they will be counted towards student’s progress.
  • Added FAQ section for Eliademy Premium and added an easy way to ask for a free non-commercial educational use.


In addition, Eliademy is fully available in French language now. Our biggest thank you goes to Céline Denoual and every volunteer who helped this happen. Remember, you can help translating Eliademy to your language via our public portal translate.eliademy.com.

We also got 2 fantastic feedback messages that really mean a lot to our team:

User friendly. Simple. Flexible. I’m not a programmer, I’m an instructor. Thank you for letting me do my job by doing so well at yours!

Kim Radomske, Medical Doctor Assistant, Canada

I have been Eliademy now for three years in my online course. I like specially the visual layout of the course structure. I have got good feedback of that from students as well. The program is also easy to use both from teachers and students point of view. Videos and links are directly visible and it is easy to see the course structure.

Susanna Fabricius, Instructor, Finland

We really appreciate your feedback!

Eliademy weekly update

Greetings from Finland!

During the past week we have improved the following in Eliademy:

  • Attaching pictures from iPad camera gallery on course discussion board is fixed.
  • Performance of changing settings on all courses is improved
  • It is again possible to trigger certificate of completion issue manually (please also see short tutorial here)
  • Unnerving students from Participants or Admin/User Management screen now requires explicit confirmation

We also got 2 new volunteer contributors for German and French versions on Eliademy. You can expect big update for those translation during next week. Remember that it is very easy to contribute localization and get Eliademy working in your language – just visit translate.eliademy.com.

Don’t forget to let us know about any issues you notice and please do vote for the next feature at Ideas forum. So far we have delivered over 75% of the requested functionality, so go ahead and be creative!

Eliademy launches in Greek


Eliademy is now fully localized to Greek. A language, which was used to give Eliademy its name.

About 2400 years ago, ancient Greek philosopher Plato started the first Academy in the world in an olive tree grove (“elia” in Greek). It was a remarkable event that laid a foundation for human education for centuries to come. Unfortunately, Plato’s Academy was available only to the free people (“demos” in Greek) of Athens. We believe education should be available to all and everywhere, and that is how a digital olive grove for people came to be.

We would like to thank our community of translators, and especially Christos Kaltsidis, Barbara Georgiadou and Petros Salavasidis. We could not have wished for a better first year anniversary present.

Integrate TED Ed Video, Quizlet Flashcards, Khan Academy Videos and Others with Your Eliademy Course

The path to a mastered skill is often lengthy and rich in different learning resources. In the past, we have shown you how to use 3rd party tools with Eliademy. This time we have taken a step further by allowing you to attach external tools required to make impactful transfer of knowledge to students.

LTI-compliant learning resources

With LTI compliant learning resources, you will be able to attach external tools, providing you with a variety of learning materials to enrich your online course. Such external learning tools include Khan Academy, Google Charts, TED Ed among others. Imagine powering your course with an educative video from Khan Academy, educational and inspiring talk from TED Ed or utilizing Quizlet flashcards for study terms and definitions in a subject. These are just tips of what you could do with this new functionality of our e-learning platform.

And it is easy to use. By simply clicking “add content” in the edit mode, select external tool and you will get a drop down list of activated external tools. For a quick glimpse, see the image below but I encourage you to login, try it out and experience it yourself.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.53.56 AM

We just released Czech and Slovenian languages 

Eliademy is now available in Czech  and Slovenian languages. The entire Eliademy will like to give translation credits to Pavel Janicek for his effort on the Czech language. Also, we will like to thank the group led by Stanislav Šenveter for translating Eliademy to Slovenian.

And before I forget, we also ensured your courses are automatically updated due to the Day Light Savings especially for users who are based in Europe. However, we urge you to check your settings manually to ensure you do not miss an important course schedule.

That’s it from us since the last time. However, we continue to work on the background to deliver the best experience with you all.

Keep teaching, keep learning.

On behalf of the team,

Joseph Fakayode

Czesc! Poland: Eliademy Adds Polish to Its List of Languages

Polish launch

We are happy to announce the release of Eliademy in Polish to our community of instructors and learners. This development is driven by continuous request by our Polish partners and community of educators who will like to use Eliademy in Polish.

The most recent language releases were German, French and Turkish which makes it possible to use functionalities of our online learning system in these languages. The commitment we made to enabling Eliademy in local languages remain strong. If you would like to be part of the translation community and make Eliademy even better in your language, visit our translation page.

Keep teaching, keep learning!


Eliademy team

Merhaba! Start Teaching and Learning in Turkish

Turkey launch

“Teachers are the one and only people who save nations” – Atatürk

Late last week, we released the Turkish language version of Eliademy but never had time to inform you through our blog. To show you a quick glimpse of what the interface looks like, take a look at the image below that depicts the settings page of Eliademy in Turkish:

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 10.59.40 AM

To fully experience the beauty of the this language, create an account if you do not already have one or simply sign it, navigate to the settings page and change your language to Turkish. We think online teaching and learning-either blended or homogeneous-is always better when enhanced with local functionalities.

Would you like to contribute to our language project or simply improve Eliademy in your language, visit our translation page and a five minutes contribution might make a difference in the lives of many.

Keep teaching, keep learning.


Eliademy Team