Western Autistic School from Australia welcome to Eliademy!

Western Autistic SchoolLaverton, Australia, is an educational organisation for students who have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which was established in 1979 in a church hall with six pupils. In 2014 it has 320 pupils. The school caters for students up to grade 3.

Western Autistic School

Western Autistic School

It has two campuses, the main campus at Laverton with 200+ students and the original school at Niddrie with 100+ students, an adolescent program called the Baseroom in Essendon Keilor College, in Airport West; an arts program in Laverton; and an Alternative Baseroom Program known as the Wattle Unit at Laverton.

The school also provides support and education to other professionals and is part of the Australian educational system. Western Autistic School has established the Autism Teaching Institute (ATI) which is a Registered Training Organisation delivering training to mainstream teachers throughout Victoria. The ATI also established the Practical Autism Research Centre (PRAC) in 2010 and has formed partnerships with several universities to conduct research. Western Autistic School also offers significant outreach support to staff and students in primary and secondary schools across the Western Region of Melbourne.

We are glad that they choose Eliademy as their learning platform and we would like to encourage them to submit ideas and improvements on our Development pages.

ГБОУ СОШ 1950 from Russia, welcome to Eliademy!

Today we welcome a very special school from Moscow, Russia. “School 1950” a free translation of the name is a state budget institution of the city of Moscow with a in-depth study of specific subjects.



Subjects include mathematics, biology and science and they train 1200 students (age 9 to 17) every year. More than 140 teachers are teaching in the facility and we were surprised to notice that they publish the salary levels of their staff.

We also noticed that their web site is rather informative and well structured, students can even book an appointment with the head of the school over the net. A rather unusual sight for a public school website but something worth looking at and getting some ideas on how to improve your public web page.

Once again, we welcome them to Eliademy and we hope that we will see OER (Open education resources) contributed to Eliademy catalog in Russian language. We started this year offering OER courses and 100s have been created so far, so go ahead and contribute as well!

Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca, Brasil

Today’s reference comes from Brazil and is a historical institution.


The Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da FonsecaCEFET-RJ, is a Brazilian federal educational institution subordinated to the Brazilian Ministry of Education. It offers graduate and undergraduate level courses in addition to its sought-after technical high school courses (930 admissions among 11035 candidates in 2008 – Maracanã campus).

The school’s education is focused in the engineering fields of mechanics, information technology, electronics, telecommunication, metallurgy, petrochemical and electrical.

Its multicampus headquarters is in Maracanã with an additional campus in the Rio de Janeiro suburb of Maria da Graça and another one in the city of Nova Iguaçu north of Rio de Janeiro.
Thanks to federal subsidies the school does not charge tuition.

They applied for the FREE academic licence that we give to ALL Educational institutions funded by the government so they don’t have to pay for Blackboard or any other expensive commercial service. We are happy to welcome them to our family of educational organisations!


Tallinn Upper Secondary School for Adults welcome to Eliademy!

Tallinna Täiskasvanute Gümnaasium

Tallinna Täiskasvanute Gümnaasium

Today we welcome to Eliademy Tallinn Upper Secondary School for Adults. They are the largest adult gymnasium in the Republic of Estonia which offers opportunities for learners to continue their interrupted road of general education from 8th to 12th grade. Their team is like one big family, where there is a humanist approach and a belief that success will be received by:

  • Inclusion and training of personnel
  • Learner- centerness
  • Regular interviews of interest groups
  • Modern and effective leadership

During 16 years of cooperation they have created common values that have helped them to cope well in the situation of constant changes. They value trust in school relations, quality in management and learning, openness to cooperation with partners and through continuous development.

Over 20.000 students from Estonia are trained on monthly basis on Eliademy and the numbers keep growing by the day. In the coming months we see the first Estonian based courses being sold on Eliademy exclusively. We welcome our latest school with full heart and a wish that they will utilise our functionalities to the maximum.

Truth and love is always the right subject

Today we are happy to welcome Educare Online from Australia to the expanding family of associations and academic organisations that are utilising Eliademy.



Educare Online has been established to promote understanding and practice of universal Human Values in daily life through formal and informal education.

The aim of “Educare Online” is to promote good character through programs based on the five fundamental Human Values of:

  • Truth
  • Love
  • Right-Action
  • Peace
  • Non-violence

Knowledge and skills to make right choices are considered important learning objectives in early childhood.  This site has been established to share teaching and learning resources in Human Values with teachers, community workers and parents.  In keeping with universal nature of Human Values the resources on this site will be free from any bias of religion or creed.

We, at Eliademy, are very pleased with their values and programs. As a reminder to our subscribers, Eliademy is part of the UN Global Compact (Corporate responsibility) and every year we are publishing a report with our achievements towards our goal to democratise education with technology. The last year report can be found here, in the coming months we will publish also the 2014-2015 report so stay tuned.

Cairo University, welcome to Eliademy

Cairo university

Cairo university

Cairo University (previously King Fuad I University, Egyptian University) is a public university in Giza, Egypt. It was founded on 21 December 1908. It is the second oldest institution of higher education in Egypt, notwithstanding the pre-existing higher professional schools that later became constituent colleges of the university, after Al Azhar University. It was founded and funded as the Egyptian University by a committee of private citizens with royal patronage in 1908. The University currently enrolls approximately 155,000 students in 22 faculties. It counts three Nobel Laureates, including  Yasser Arafat a Nobel Peace Prize in 1994,  among its graduates and is one of the 50 largest institutions of higher education in the world by enrolment and in the top 500 world universities.

The faculty of Pharmacy recently started using Eliademy for the new academic year and we are hopeful that their good experience will spread in all the other faculties and cover the needs of the 120.000 students.

We would like to remind you that All non-profits and public academic institutions have access to Eliademy Premium for free and those organizations can save 100.000s of euros per year by using it as a replacement for Blackboard or Moodle platforms for instance.