Cairo University, welcome to Eliademy

Cairo university

Cairo university

Cairo University (previously King Fuad I University, Egyptian University) is a public university in Giza, Egypt. It was founded on 21 December 1908. It is the second oldest institution of higher education in Egypt, notwithstanding the pre-existing higher professional schools that later became constituent colleges of the university, after Al Azhar University. It was founded and funded as the Egyptian University by a committee of private citizens with royal patronage in 1908. The University currently enrolls approximately 155,000 students in 22 faculties. It counts three Nobel Laureates, including  Yasser Arafat a Nobel Peace Prize in 1994,  among its graduates and is one of the 50 largest institutions of higher education in the world by enrolment and in the top 500 world universities.

The faculty of Pharmacy recently started using Eliademy for the new academic year and we are hopeful that their good experience will spread in all the other faculties and cover the needs of the 120.000 students.

We would like to remind you that All non-profits and public academic institutions have access to Eliademy Premium for free and those organizations can save 100.000s of euros per year by using it as a replacement for Blackboard or Moodle platforms for instance.


University of Applied Arts Vienna welcome to Eliademy!

The University of Applied Arts Vienna (GermanUniversität für angewandte Kunst Wien, or informally just Die Angewandte) is an institution of higher education in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Die Angewandte

Die Angewandte

The Angewandte was founded in 1867 as the k.k. Kunstgewerbeschule des k.k. Österreichischen Museums für Kunst und Industrie. It was the first school of its kind on the continent. In 1941 it became an institution of higher education. In 1970 it was awarded the title of a university and in 1998 the school was renamed the Universität für angewandte Künste (University of applied arts).

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Students can now receive Printed Certificates for online courses on Eliademy

We are glad to announce a new functionality of Eliademy: you now have the opportunity to earn a Printed Certificate delivered right to your place, upon completion of an online course on Eliademy.

“This is one more service offered to our global community of learners and teachers. In the future we will bring more ecosystem services in order to fully transform education into a pure digital service” says Sotiris Makrygiannis, CEO of Eliademy/CBTec Oy.

While we already offer students to get free online certificates, this new functionality aims at providing you with a more tangible proof of your accomplishment. It “bridges yet another gap between online and offline education”, as Vitaly Repin, CEO of Metida Print AB Oy, supplier of Eliademy’s certificates. The printed certificates are mostly useful for learners who want a proof that they have acquired new personal and professional skills, through an online course. For example, they can easily be shown during an interview. They will contain serial numbers, protected by watermarks and holographic technology and can be printed with the Providers Logo and original signature. All LinkedIn digital certificates and PDF versions will remain free for those who do not need or want a paper copy.

This new functionality is offered to all courses but it is up to the instructors to activate it in two clicks from the settings of their course. The Printed Certificates are available at a small cost for students.

Students can earn Printed Certificates for Online Courses on EliademyIf you are Instructor on Eliademy, consider offering your students to earn a Printed Certificate. It may be very useful for them and truly contribute to boosting their career!

If you would like to learn how to start, please watch the following video:

The Story of Eliademy

Eliademy is used by more and more people every day to teach and learn easily. If you are interested in knowing more about the story of our user-friendly e-learning platform, take a look at the cool infographic below!

The Story of Eliademy from its beginning in 2013.

Want to be part of this story? Join us now and participate in the democratization of education with technology!

For more information about Eliademy, please check other nice infographics about us, like the one on our Courses Overview or send us an e-mail at


Partnership with Cherie Enns Consulting

Cherie Enns Consulting is a consultancy organization which specializes on building lasting communities all over the world. Founded in 2011 by Cherie Enns, it is currently running different programs on child-friendly development, age-friendly design, affordable housing and education. Its projects are based on action research and innovative project management.

We are proud to announce the partnership between Eliademy and Cherie Enns Consulting.

Cherie Enns Consulting is a partner of Eliademy.

In collaboration with Eliademy, Cherie Enns Consulting has already been part of the creation of Eminus Academy which aims at creating “an entrepreneurial and sustainable development applied certification program that is interactive and dynamic (in essence a virtual global classroom), using state of the art digital media”. Eminus has been developed in collaboration between the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), BASF Foundation and the University of the Fraser Valley. Cherie Enns recently wrote an article on our blog on the progress of Eminus Academy.

Eminus Academy, partner of Eliademy

Cherie Enns Consulting shares our vision of democratizing education and building a more sustainable future.

If you want to know more about our measures for Corporate Social Responsibility, visit our page Eliademy Love. By the way, did you know that Eliademy is a member of the United Nations Global Compact?

New online course: How to start crowdfunding

Kristiina Pääkkönen, the Country Manager of FundedByMe in Finland, just launched a new course about crowdfunding on Eliademy. We are glad to republish the article she wrote on LinkedIn:

New online course: How to start crowdfunding

When I met Daniel Daboczy on January 2013 I did not know much about crowdfunding. I was amazed by his wide knowledge and crowdsourcing mindset, friendly attitude and the unique charismatic and engaging leadership style. “Welcome to the team” he said and hugged me warmly.

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