The 3 online courses you should follow in May @Eliademy

With the beginning of a new month come new promises of improving yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. In May, take up the challenge of learning brand new things on Eliademy!

At Eliademy, we’ve prepared you a selection of 3 free online courses which have already received awesome reviews to help you choose what to learn. Now it’s up to you to challenge yourself to improve your knowledge online!


1/ Road to the Free Digital Society – by Vitaly Repin, in collaboration with Richard M. Stallman

Road to the Free Digital Society is a course of Vitaly Repin and Richard Stallmman taught on EliademyRoad to the Free Digital Society just started this week and will last until June 7 2015.

It is an online course of Vitaly Repin, founder and CEO of the dynamic Finnish start-up Metida Print. Vitaly started his career at Nokia Open Source Operations in 2007 and truly believes in software freedom and collaboration. His personal credo “Dare to be wise” tells us much about his interest in e-learning, as well as the energy he put into making this outstanding online course.

He teaches it in collaboration with world-famous software freedom activist and computer programmer Richard M. Stallman. Richard M. Stallman is the president and founder of the Free Software Foundation and is at the head of the free software movement since 1983. Passionate expert, Richard M. Stallman has dedicated his life on liberating source code and making it available to all.

Through Road to the Free Digital Society, Vitaly Repin and Richard M. Stallman address such questions as how we define software freedom, what human rights in computing are, what software licenses are, how we contribute to the Free Digital Society, etc.

Open for everyone, this course will be of interest to you no matter your background!


2/ Digital Marketing for Developers – by Alan Mendelevich (AppCademy Online)

Digital Marketing for Developers is a free online course of AppCademy Online, taught on EliademyBuilding an app and monetize it is no easy business! While building the application is a hard task, the marketing part may be as hard for developers, who are not always used to deal with customers. The course Digital Marketing for Developers provides a brief yet rich introduction to Digital Marketing with examples familiar to developers. It will help you build useful applications, spread the word about them and get new users. By taking this 6 module-course, you will learn about how to find out which application to build, how to monetize it, how to publish it, how to maintain and increase your online presence and how to advertise your app.

Digital Marketing for Developers is taught by Alan Mendelevich, a seasoned software developer, who has delivered many talks on Windows Phone development, marketing and monetization at different events in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and the UK. The course is offered by AppCademy Online, the online version of the AppCademy Acceleration Camp, a 4-week training camp managed by Aalto University (Espoo, Finland). Developed in collaboration between AppCampus and Eliademy, AppCademy Online consists of a serie of short online courses of which many are available for free on our e-learning platform.


3/ Learn to Build Mobile Apps from Scratch – by Eduonix Learning Solutions

Learn to Build Mobile Apps from Scratch is a course of Eduonix Learning Solutions, taught on EliademyWho has never dreamt of building his own app which will solve his particular problem?

You don’t have much experience with programming? No problem, Eduonix teaches you how to build mobile apps from scratch!

Eduonix Learning Solutions is a well-known training organization, which strives to provide the best and most effective learning environment to everyone. Its vision is to “bring quality skill building content and world class learning experience to everyone using both online and offline mediums” and it wants to “add fun and joy back to learning”. In line with this vision, it uses our e-learning platform Eliademy to deliver some of its courses.

In the course Learn to Build Mobile Apps from Scratch, you have the chance to learn to use web technologies to create Mobile apps which runs on all popular platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. All you need is a PC or a Mac with internet connection. No prior knowledge is assumed, which is truly an asset for this course targeted at beginners in programming. Thoroughly thought, this course contains 33 lectures and over 7.5 hours of content!


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If you want to enroll in an online course, you can also take a look at Eliademy’s Catalog of Courses, where you will find content on all topics. Good learning!

Students can now receive Printed Certificates for online courses on Eliademy

We are glad to announce a new functionality of Eliademy: you now have the opportunity to earn a Printed Certificate delivered right to your place, upon completion of an online course on Eliademy.

“This is one more service offered to our global community of learners and teachers. In the future we will bring more ecosystem services in order to fully transform education into a pure digital service” says Sotiris Makrygiannis, CEO of Eliademy/CBTec Oy.

While we already offer students to get free online certificates, this new functionality aims at providing you with a more tangible proof of your accomplishment. It “bridges yet another gap between online and offline education”, as Vitaly Repin, CEO of Metida Print AB Oy, supplier of Eliademy’s certificates. The printed certificates are mostly useful for learners who want a proof that they have acquired new personal and professional skills, through an online course. For example, they can easily be shown during an interview. They will contain serial numbers, protected by watermarks and holographic technology and can be printed with the Providers Logo and original signature. All LinkedIn digital certificates and PDF versions will remain free for those who do not need or want a paper copy.

This new functionality is offered to all courses but it is up to the instructors to activate it in two clicks from the settings of their course. The Printed Certificates are available at a small cost for students.

Students can earn Printed Certificates for Online Courses on EliademyIf you are Instructor on Eliademy, consider offering your students to earn a Printed Certificate. It may be very useful for them and truly contribute to boosting their career!

If you would like to learn how to start, please watch the following video:

New online course: How to start crowdfunding

Kristiina Pääkkönen, the Country Manager of FundedByMe in Finland, just launched a new course about crowdfunding on Eliademy. We are glad to republish the article she wrote on LinkedIn:

New online course: How to start crowdfunding

When I met Daniel Daboczy on January 2013 I did not know much about crowdfunding. I was amazed by his wide knowledge and crowdsourcing mindset, friendly attitude and the unique charismatic and engaging leadership style. “Welcome to the team” he said and hugged me warmly.

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Keep in touch with your alma mater on Eliademy

Have you ever wonder what has been going on in your alma mater after you graduated?

Eliademy recently partnered with Aalto University School of Economics, Mikkeli Campus to launch their student Bulletin online. Mikkeli Campus houses the one and only International Business program of the university and has been known for its cultural diversity, academic excellence and tight-knit community.

Students there frequently keep up with what’s going on on campus through their student Bulletin, a magazine completely designed, authored and produced by the students. It’s educational, entertaining, and personal. It captures the vibe (or the swag, I’m sure they’d prefer) of this unique student community.

As the world of publishing is moving towards the realm of digital presentation, the Editor-in-Chief, Bruno P. Jacobsén, started thinking about revitalizing the beloved Bulletin by making an online, cloud-based version of it. We, who work to democratize education with our cloud-based digital classroom, could certainly appreciate his vision, therefore we worked together with Mr. Jacobsén and the student board, Probba Oy, to launch the online Bulletin in September.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.19.15 AM

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Transferirse a otra universidad o carrera: debería irme o quedarme


Cambiarse de carrera o universidad no es una tarea fácil. Cuando entras a una universidad, tu clase ha sido previamente seleccionada, por lo que mayormente no existe mucho espacio para estudiantes extras que vienen de otros lugares. Reconocer que cambiarte de carrera o universidad conlleva una serie de procesos de admisión modificados, aplicaciones, ensayos, entrevistas, o una cantidad de procesos burocráticos para la transferencia de tus créditos o paquetes de ayuda financiera.

Asé que ¿Cómo se determina si cambiarte de carrera es una decisión sabia o debes duplicar tus esfuerzos y tratar de que las cosas funciones en el lugar donde te encuentras?

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How To Use Evernote for Your Eliademy Course


“Remember everything”. Sometimes seems like a very complicated thing to do, when you manage your personal, academic and professional life at the same time. Nowadays, remembering everything has turned into a much easier task, thanks to the proliferation of software applications and programs, especially one of the best at the moment, Evernote.

So how can a note-taking application and archiving service be used within an online classroom platform like Eliademy? Actually it’s very simple. Students can use this as a fundamental tool to take notes including images in the classroom or during spare time. Such notes can then be uploaded as a response to tasks assigned by a teacher. Such important information will be accessible anywhere and you can take them with you wherever you go, through your mobile devices.

This  post will show you how to properly use Evernote for your Eliademy course. In this case and as an example, we will use the desktop version of Evernote.

To get started, login to Eliademy and click the “Notes” icon shown in the image below. Sign in to Evernote and you should have your images, text, clipped sites and so on synced to Eliademy. What you can simply do as a student is to respond to a task assigned to you on Eliademy by copy-pasting a note from Evernote. This way, it will be easier for you to respond to course tasks if you keep your notes with you all the time.Evernote for eliademy 1

For instance, you might have taken notes, saved images, clipped websites as you gather materials for a course task. Simply copy all the information and paste as a response to your task on Eliademy as shown in the image below.


Now, with all the content you need for the task posted, click on the option “Submit” to submit the task to your teacher or instructor.

task final

You have just completed a task by just working with your notes!

Technology keeps changing, and we keep changing with it. As we work hard to provide you the best tools and latest trends education technology, feel free to innovate the way you teach and learn.


Jose Arias