Eliademy in Italian; another community effort in online education

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Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success – Henry Ford


A few months back, we opened the creation of Eliademy to the community and the quote above stood as a pointer to what we will like to achieve with instructors  and learners. Then came our Translation Service where we further empowered our community of users to customize Eliademy for their language benefits. Today, this community effort continues to yield fruits as one of our avid users from Italy completes the Italian version of Eliademy. This development follows earlier successful translation efforts in Kazakh, Portuguese, Lithuainian among other languages.

Spoken by more than 85 million people across the globe, Italian is a descendant of Latin language and remains the closest to Latin in terms of vocabulary (Eliademy is also available in Latin). With this development, instructors from Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Malta, Vatican city, Croatia and all the way to Somalia where a minority speaks Italian can begin to use the language for online education.

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And for the business expatriate community spread all over Americas and Australia, this offers an opportunity for them to utilize a learning management system software to engage in online learning from anywhere. Eliademy, coupled with some special features targeted at HR Managers is increasingly being used to educate workforce within organizations. Well for some that might be curious about such usage within organizations, you can obtain more information by mailing info@eliademy.com or simply wait when more information is unveiled about this in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Silvia Capperi who spearheaded the Italian translation effort. Your success is our pride.

Keep teaching, keep learning

Actualización de Eliademy para Android trae una mejor experiencia móvil de aprendizaje


Como muchos en la comunidad se han dado cuenta a través de algunas publicaciones en las redes sociales, Algunos de nosotros de el equipo de Eliademy estuvimos en la conferencia global de instructores de escuela la semana pasada en Salt Lake City. Tuvimos una oportunidad de introducir nuestra pataforma e-learning a estos instructores y cómo pueden beneficiarse a través de un salón de clases en las nubes. Nuestra experiencia será compartida a toda la comunidad en pocas horas

Sin embargo, no cesamos al traer mejores a Eliademy y estamos felices de anuncias una pocas actualizaciones a Huxley, nuestra aplicación móvil.

Auto Login a Eliademy en Android
Hemos tenido quejas y solicitudes para iniciar sesión automáticamente cada vez que accedes a Eliademy a través de un teléfono celular. ¡Buenas noticias! Esto ha sido resuelto y ahora puedes iniciar sesión automáticamente si no cerraste sesión intencionalmente de la aplicación.
Inicio de sesión desde Google y Facebook en Android
Con las credenciales de Facebook y Google, usuarios existentes ahora puedes iniciar sesión en Eliademy en la aplicación móvil.

Eliademy ahora optimizado para tablets
La aplicación de eliademy en google Play Store ahora puede ser descargada on dispositivos tablet que funcionan con el sistema operativo Android.
Si aún no tienes la aplicación móvil, puedees descargarla a través de este link y compartials con colegas que se beneficiarían de esta aplicación.
Hay unas pocas actualizaciones para ti el día de hoy y esperamos traerte más para el final de semana. Mantente alerta.
En nombre del equipo de Eliademy
Jose Manuel

Improve the way you manage your free online Eliademy course: create online forms to keep it organized and effective with Wufoo.

Wufoo image 1

When we create a course or we are in charge of a Project, it is very important to get a feedback from all those people who trusted us to provide to them a product, service, conference, course or subject. Wufoo arrives to the market with the goal of satisfying this latent need to always give the best quality to our clients, users or customers, facilitating the easiest and most practical way to elaborate form or surveys to measure the acceptance level from people, receiving notifications, different designs, among other features that make this program relevant compared to the other ones in the market. When you create a course in Eliademy, you open the door for a whole new way to impart and receive knowledge between the educator and the apprentice, whereby, having the option to get the opinion, review or feedback from those who enrolled into your course it’s very important to correct your weaknesses and step up your strengths, this way we can offer a better quality in our next classes, building a better reputation that will allow us to reach even more people to educate as time goes by. How can we mix these two platforms? Here is a brief demonstration that will help you to understand a little bit better. NOTE: you should have an Eliademy and Wufoo account to be able to do this process.

1. Click on “new form” showed on the home page of your profile.

Wufoo image 2

2.Choose the features of your preference to make the form. For this example, we will create a very simple one. Each option inside the “standard” category provides you different designs to create your questions and the answer options. If you wish, you can also add a text paragraph to allow the people to express freely through their own words about the information you want to get.

Wufoo image 3

3. Once you’re finished, click on “Save form”

Wufoo image 4

Congratulations! You just created your own form to get the information you want from people. Now, Wufoo also offers you the “reports” option, allowing you to visualize the results of the survey once it’s finished. With just 4 easy steps, you can create a preview of how the results will look.

1.Click on the “reports” option on your homepage.

Wufoo image 5

2. Click on “new report”

Wufoo image 6

3. Fill the information in a very quick and simple way about the preview of your report, this will be shown once the information from the survey is obtained. Thanks to this option, you are adapting the design of the form according to your needs.

Wufoo image 7

4. Click on “save report”

Wufoo Imagen8

5. To integrate this survey into your Eliademy course, click on “code” to get access to the links.

Wufoo image 9

6. Go to your Eliademy course, to the part where you add the content, and putt he link on the “resources” section, adding a brief description, inviting students to fill the survey once they’re finished with the class.

Wufoo image 10

Congratulations again!  You have completed your first form for your course in Eliademy. Never forget the importance of a survey. It determines the quality of your teaching, the content you provide and the way you evaluate and communicate with your students or apprentices. This method will help you to become the best on your work field. To start innovating the way you educate, visit www.eliademy.com and www.wufoo.com Your only limitation is your creativity and the effort you put into innovating and integrating different tools or applications to your work environment. Be creative, change begins within.

Power to the community!

Power to Community

We have started Eliademy with two objectives. First and foremost we wanted to design it for users, for teachers and students, taking into account differences in teaching styles, grading methods, curriculum structure and even culture. Something as simple as that was neglected LMS developers for more than a decade. Few months after release, we are delighted to state Eliademy is not only built for users; users are also building it. Any user of Eliademy can suggest a new feature in one simple click of “Feedback” button. We are rigorously checking “Ideas” section of http://eliademy.uservoice.com for comments and suggestions of how to make Eliademy better. Right now we have 22 ideas from community in our development pipeline and 14 are already released in the past few months. We would like to continue this trend and ask our users to suggest and vote for ideas via our Support page.

Our second objective is to make Eliademy available to the entire world. Everybody should be having a free access to education and even more importantly in his or her own language. Right now Eliademy is available in 13 languages, which would not be possible without help we got from a great community of Eliademy educators. Nothing motivates us more than messages where you ask to make Eliademy available in Italian, Uzbek or Bengali. We would like to thank once again educators who contributed the most: Bakytgul Salykhova, Francisco Salerno Neto, Ouyang Qi, Romina Correia Scarso, Silvija Budaviciute, Victoria Saravas, Violeta Salonen Vu Dinh Lieu and everyone else who have been helping with proofreading and editing. However translation process has always been very time consuming and requires multiple email communication just to get one new language out.

Today we are launching Eliademy Translation Server that will allow anybody to translate and contribute just one word, a sentence or a whole language. It is based on celebrated open source software Pootle, which will do lots of translation magic such as providing automated suggestions for your language based on similar projects and user recommendations, automatically detect common errors made by translators and keep up terminology suggestions for consistent translations. Best of all – we can get a new language in Eliademy just in a few hours.

To get started, you can register but this is optional. Registering will allow us to display your name in the contributors list so we know whom to thank when we reach out to the world!

Eliademy trae el salón de clases a tu bolsillo, incluyendo el acceso a millones de cursos de Moodle


El proceso de democratizar la educación con tecnología nunca estará completo sino lo integramos a los dispositivos que cargamos con nosotros a donde quiera que vamos. Hoy en día, la gran anticipada aplicación móvil está siendo lanzada no solamente para los miles de usuarios que Eliademy ha adquirido en los últimos 4 meses, sino también para la comunidad Moodle , el sistema de aprendizaje más largo y respetado alrededor del mundo.

Eliademy, un salón de clase en las nubes, que ofrece un servicio que facilita el e-learning para instructores y estudiantes, ha obtenido una inesperada popularidad en solo unos meses. Permitiendo a los usuarios accesar a contenido a través de su dinámica y hermosamente diseñada aplicación móbil es otra meta cumplida a lo largo de esta misión. Para comenzar, esto estará disponible para usuarios Android y será expandido a iOS y otras grandes plataformas en los meses siguientes, incluyendo el anunciado Jolla phone. El código móvil de cliente llamado Huxley es interoperable con Moodle LMS, lo que significa que estudiantes e instructores pueden acceder instantáneamente al contenido de su universidad usando la misma aplicación. Tambipen estaremos lanzando más de 20,000 códigos de línea a la comundad abierta de Moodle como parte de nuestro compromiso al movimiento de educación libre.

La aplicación elegantemente diseñada y de alta calidad es gratis para usuarios de Eliademy y un amplo directorio de todas las instalaciones compatibles con moodle serán mantenidas para los usuarios. Con el cliente móbil, los estudiantes pueden continuar sus estudios a cualquier hora, en cualquier lugar, incluyendo en vacaciones, comenta Sergey Gerasimenko, Co-Fundador y Chief Product Officer en CBTec. Además, los estudiantes pueden revisar las activiades de sus cursos actuales, ver fechas de entrega, ver videos así como colaborar con otros estudiantes e intructores. Utilizando tecnología móbil moderna, los estudiantes podrán incrementar su productividad, realizar tareas más rápidamente y ver importantes eventos en el calendario del dispositivo, de manera que nunca pierdan una entrega de nuevo.

Desde nuestro lanzamiento en Febrero 2013 y habiendo recibido buen tráfico alrededor de 149 países, Eliademy se está convirtiendo en la herramienta que los instructores has estado deseando y en el perfecto ambiente para comprometer a estudiantes con contenido online. Además de otros desarrollos en Eliademy, hemos estado comprometidos en satisfacer a nuestros usuarios a través de la adición de nuevas funciones, mayormente en respuesta a solicitudes de nuestra comunidad instructora. Ahora disponible en 13 idiomas, eséramos alcanzar 40 idiomas para el final del 2013. Para expandir el uso de Eliademy a más colegios y universidades, recientemente nos convertimos en miembros corporativos del Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs ACBSP, así como socios con otras instituciones y organizaciones. También somos miembros de COSS, la comunidad abiertas de recursos en Finlandia. CBTec también está contribuyendo a un nivel de Unión Europea en el 5to Foro de Negocios Universitarios donde nuestro fundador y CEO, Sotiris Makrygiannis estará influenciando a los creadores de políticas de la Unión Europea sobre el futuro de Educación Tecnológica.

Sólo podemos estar orgullosos de esta comunidad, nuestro increíble equipo y todo aquel que ha sido parte de estos desarrollos. ¿Cómo podemos cambiar la forma en que tú aprendes o enseñas? Deja tu comentario.

Eliademy Brings Classroom into Your Pocket, including Access to Millions of Moodle Courses.

store-featured2cDemocratizing education with technology is never complete without the devices we all carry around. Today, the highly anticipated mobile app is being launched not just for the thousands of users Eliademy has gathered in the last 4 months but also for the Moodle community, the highly respected and largest learning management system in the world.

Eliademy, a classroom in the cloud, offered as a service that facilitates e-learning for instructors and students, has gathered unprecedented popularity in just a few months. Enabling users to access content via its dynamic and beautifully designed mobile application is another bold step towards this mission. To begin with, this will be available for Android users and will be expanded to iOS and other major platforms in the coming months, including the announced Jolla phone. The Mobile client, code named Huxley is interoperable with Moodle LMS, which means students and instructors can instantly access their University content using the same application. We will also be releasing more than 20,000 lines of code to the Moodle Open Source Community as our commitment towards the Open Source Movement.

The high quality, elegantly designed application is free for Eliademy users and a directory of all compatible Moodle installations will be maintained for users. With the mobile client, students can continue their studies anytime, anywhere even on vacation, commented Sergey Gerasimenko, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at CBTec. Furthermore, students can check course schedule on the go, view deadlines, watch a video as well as collaborate with fellow students and instructors. By utilizing modern mobile technology, students will be able to increase their productivity, do homework faster and see important events in device calendar, thus never missing a deadline again.

Since our launch in February 11 2013 and having received good traction from over 149 countries, Eliademy is becoming the tool instructors have long desired and the perfect environment to engage students with online content. Among other developments at Eliademy, we have been committed to satisfying our customers by rolling out new features, mostly in response to requests by our instructor community. Now available in 13 languages, we expect to reach up to 40 languages by the end of 2013. To expand the usage of Eliademy to more colleges and universities, we recently became a corporate member of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs ACBSP and partners with other institutions and organizations.  We also are a board member of COSS, the open source community of Finland. CBTec is also contributing at an EU level in the 5th University Business Forum where our founder and CEO, Sotiris Makrygiannis will be influencing EU policy makers about the future of education technology.

We can’t but be proud of our community, our awesome team and everyone who’s been part of this developments. How will this change the way you teach or learn? Leave us a comment below