ГБОУ СОШ 1950 from Russia, welcome to Eliademy!

Today we welcome a very special school from Moscow, Russia. “School 1950” a free translation of the name is a state budget institution of the city of Moscow with a in-depth study of specific subjects.



Subjects include mathematics, biology and science and they train 1200 students (age 9 to 17) every year. More than 140 teachers are teaching in the facility and we were surprised to notice that they publish the salary levels of their staff.

We also noticed that their web site is rather informative and well structured, students can even book an appointment with the head of the school over the net. A rather unusual sight for a public school website but something worth looking at and getting some ideas on how to improve your public web page.

Once again, we welcome them to Eliademy and we hope that we will see OER (Open education resources) contributed to Eliademy catalog in Russian language. We started this year offering OER courses and 100s have been created so far, so go ahead and contribute as well!