In search of the Next – Android Developer – Star, are you one?

Eliademy team is growing and we are looking for the hungriest to learn, coolest and sharpest wanna_be Android Developer in the globe. This is an internship position for a young fellow that wants to be coached and learn from Guru’s. We are sure that working with us for a 3 months period will prepare you to compete and obtain a creative job anywhere you wish. We know how, for sure! Do you have the magic?

Developers needed at

We are one of the top 10 Finnish start ups and we have a mission beyond getting rich and famous: to make education accessible to everybody in the planet. Our passion comes from doing good and retaining a hope that human race can survive this Technological revolution. We lead, we dont follow and you will learn this with us.

Here is some practical questions that you need to check before you send us an email.

  • Speak Java? Android is not yet as described by Arthur C Clarke
  • User interface is more complex than the command line of DOS but UBER cool?
  • You can build a simple interface for Android that is for humans?
  • SDK is not an upgrade from BENZ CLK but something that you could use.
  • You speak English better than the guy who wrote this article
  • You are all normal things like team player (didnt read Machiaveli at 10), can learn fast (not having IQ below the Politicians level) etc, etc

We dont care where you live, you can work with us from anywhere in the world, most of our guys are anyway there.

Welcome to the most diverse and passionate EDU start up on the planet. Send your cool application at but don’t expect an answer if you don’t impress us with the first 5 lines.

Your opportunity to do something great, learn and change your future timeline is here, grab it now! If you feel that you need a bit more training before you can apply why you try some of our online courses?

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Eliademy Brings Classroom into Your Pocket, including Access to Millions of Moodle Courses.

store-featured2cDemocratizing education with technology is never complete without the devices we all carry around. Today, the highly anticipated mobile app is being launched not just for the thousands of users Eliademy has gathered in the last 4 months but also for the Moodle community, the highly respected and largest learning management system in the world.

Eliademy, a classroom in the cloud, offered as a service that facilitates e-learning for instructors and students, has gathered unprecedented popularity in just a few months. Enabling users to access content via its dynamic and beautifully designed mobile application is another bold step towards this mission. To begin with, this will be available for Android users and will be expanded to iOS and other major platforms in the coming months, including the announced Jolla phone. The Mobile client, code named Huxley is interoperable with Moodle LMS, which means students and instructors can instantly access their University content using the same application. We will also be releasing more than 20,000 lines of code to the Moodle Open Source Community as our commitment towards the Open Source Movement.

The high quality, elegantly designed application is free for Eliademy users and a directory of all compatible Moodle installations will be maintained for users. With the mobile client, students can continue their studies anytime, anywhere even on vacation, commented Sergey Gerasimenko, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at CBTec. Furthermore, students can check course schedule on the go, view deadlines, watch a video as well as collaborate with fellow students and instructors. By utilizing modern mobile technology, students will be able to increase their productivity, do homework faster and see important events in device calendar, thus never missing a deadline again.

Since our launch in February 11 2013 and having received good traction from over 149 countries, Eliademy is becoming the tool instructors have long desired and the perfect environment to engage students with online content. Among other developments at Eliademy, we have been committed to satisfying our customers by rolling out new features, mostly in response to requests by our instructor community. Now available in 13 languages, we expect to reach up to 40 languages by the end of 2013. To expand the usage of Eliademy to more colleges and universities, we recently became a corporate member of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs ACBSP and partners with other institutions and organizations.  We also are a board member of COSS, the open source community of Finland. CBTec is also contributing at an EU level in the 5th University Business Forum where our founder and CEO, Sotiris Makrygiannis will be influencing EU policy makers about the future of education technology.

We can’t but be proud of our community, our awesome team and everyone who’s been part of this developments. How will this change the way you teach or learn? Leave us a comment below