The 3 online courses you must follow in April @Eliademy

This month we want to review for you 3 free outstanding courses that can help you develop your business and language skills. They are all available on our Public Catalog for free.

As we started crowdsourcing courses under CC license recently, let’s start with a course of the OER (Open Educational Resources) section of the catalog: Introduction to Pitching by the AppCademy Online. Then we will review the brand new course of Adam Crookes Marketing a business on Snapchat and finally a nice short Language course of Spanish by Ana Selby.

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New online course: How to start crowdfunding

Kristiina Pääkkönen, the Country Manager of FundedByMe in Finland, just launched a new course about crowdfunding on Eliademy. We are glad to republish the article she wrote on LinkedIn:

New online course: How to start crowdfunding

When I met Daniel Daboczy on January 2013 I did not know much about crowdfunding. I was amazed by his wide knowledge and crowdsourcing mindset, friendly attitude and the unique charismatic and engaging leadership style. “Welcome to the team” he said and hugged me warmly.

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Eminus achieving education for all

We are glad to welcome a post of our first guest blogger, Cherie Enns. Cherie Enns is the coordinator of the project Eminus Academy, a program of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), BASF Foundation and the University of the Fraser Valley (UVF). Eminus Academy is a close partner of Eliademy and offers courses on our platform.Logos of UN-Habitat and BASF Stiftung, founder of Eminus Academy, which offers courses on Eliademy

Eminus achieving education for all

Eminus Goal:

To create an entrepreneurial and sustainable development applied certification program that is interactive and dynamic (in essence a virtual global classroom), using state of the art digital media[1]. Continue reading

The World of Work Training Centre, welcome to Eliademy

The World of Work Training Centre offers vocational training in a range of different fields like Customer Service, Safety and Health, Teacher Training, etc. to young people and adults in the United Kingdom. With over 17 years of expertise in education, they are accredited by the UK’s leading Awarding Bodies. They use different ways of teaching (blended learning, one-to-one, classroom-based, e-learning) to enhance the learning process of their customers.

In a world in constant change, they understand the importance of life-long learning both for individuals and businesses. Their aim is to “improve the skills and capabilities of young people and adults across the UK and to provide realistic solutions to the training and recruitment needs of businesses in the current economic climate”.

The World of Work Training Center uses Eliademy Premium to offer online courses to their customers.

We are glad to help The World of Work Training Centre in this mission and hope we will enable them to serve their customers better thanks to the numerous e-learning functionalities of Eliademy platform (private learning space, live webinars, advanced learner analytics, etc.).

If you too are interested in using Eliademy for training purposes, check our brochure “Eliademy for Training Companies” and start a 30-day trial.

Introducing Eliademy All Stars & Top 10 Influencers

Eliademy all starsToday we are happy to announce our Eliademy All Stars video interviews. The initiative aims to interview key influencers from various industries on the subject of Education, Technology, Entertainment and Venture Capitalism. We believe that those 4 industries are spearheading the transformation of Education and the world must hear their vision and mission.

We have an impressive line up of interviews of key Finnish stakeholders like Teemu Kokko, Jonas Dromberg, Minna Wickholm, Tero Ojanperä and much more. If you are also welcome to propose some for the interview via

Today we also want to present you a list of 10 influencers who have had a strong impact on Eliademy’s team. From different fields of expertise, they all have innovative ideas and we highly recommend you to follow them!


Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, TeslaMotors, PayPal.

Elon Musk is a visionary and serial entrepreneur. Currently the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, he is also a founder of highly different companies such as SpaceX, Tesla Motors and PayPal. Elon Musk does not hesitate to dream big and give himself the means to achieve his visionary projects, like creating a mass-marketed electric car or reusable rockets. Besides, he is a chairman of the Musk Foundation and he has given a considerable part of his fortune to philanthropic causes. Continue reading