Power your online classroom on Eliademy with a live or recorded podcast

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As part of our commitment to supporting you with tools that will improve your online classroom instructions, here is one of those tools we will be bringing to you in the weeks ahead. Spreaker is a tool  that makes communication between an instructor and a learner more effective through live or recorded podcasts

With Spreaker, You can create your own podcast put them in a website and promote them through any media. It’s like having your live or pre-recorded 30 minute long radio show, available on the web. And this can be used in the classroom as well. So how do you integrate Spreaker into your course on Eliademy? Let’s go through this one after the other.

As an instructor, you can make live recordings for students as content material for a course. Spreaker offers this service to allow the creators such as an instructor of a course on Eliademy to record a 30 minute live session or broadcast. Here is a quick demonstration of how to do it:

Note: You must have an account on Spreaker and Eliademy to be able to do this.

1. Click on the Broadcast option to create a live session.

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2. Write the tittle of the Broadcast and click on “Next”. It also specifies the websites where you can share the information after you finish.

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3. Click on the button shown on the picture to start recording live. You also have other features to make your recording more fun and adapted to your needs. To share the broadcast, click on Share URL, on the upper right corner.

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4. Attach the link as content material on your Eliademy course. If it is a live podcast, inform the students the day and the time the broadcast will be recorded live. If it is a recorded podcast, just upload as a material available anytime and anyplace. You can also add a brief description of the content so it will be easier to find among the rest of the material.


The good news is that students can also create their own podcasts if required by the teacher as a response to a task, for instance a language communication class.

The use of such tools as Spreaker with Eliademy is only limited by the user’s ingenuity. So be creative, discover and enhance learning on Eliademy with even more tools.

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Eliademy Partners with AIESEC in Finland, World’s Largest Youth-Run Organization

CBTec is happy to announce partnership with AIESEC in Finland. Among other Finnish organizations Eliademy partners with, AIESEC in Finland represents an example of how non-educational institutions can use our online education platform, Eliademy. AIESEC exist for peace and fulfilment of human kind’s potential, we exist to democratize education with technology. We found an alignment in purpose and thus we decided to partner.

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization. Through its internship program, AIESEC offers young people from all over the world the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and true leadership skills that matter today. So how do they use Eliademy? AIESEC in Finland has about 300 members who works to facilitate its internship programmes and it strives to train, coach, mentor and nurture their talents. We saw an opportunity to collaborate with a good demography of digital natives and digital immigrants and we acted. Currently, AIESEC has more than 5 of its induction courses hosted on Eliademy. The teachers in this context are the leaders of the organization who possess the right to invite new members to an induction course which contains videos, images, files and other document forms required to pass knowledge and information unto its new generation of members.

“The system is simple, looks nice and it is a much more better engagement tool. Thanks to these characteristics” stated Mari Vilppula, the Vice President of Talent Management and Communication for AIESEC in Finland. Furthermore, this partnership also provides a great access to some of the best talents around the world. CBTec Ltd, the company behind Eliademy has been recruiting interns through its Global Internship Programme as well as its local members in Finland.

Eliademy continues to partner with diverse organizations in order to create value and bring education to people through its dynamic platform. We have much more to reveal in the coming days, stay tuned.

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