Marine biotechnology courses

Come and learn with us!

Three universities (University of Gdańsk, Linnaeus University and University of Klaipeda) located on the coast of the southern Baltic Sea have collaboratively worked on the content of marine biotechnology courses. It is the passion for spreading knowledge and FOCUS project (South Baltic, Interreg) what brought them together!

The effect is quite satisfactory – 5 full courses that aim to guide the participant through all the aspects of marine biotechnology:

Each of the courses is divided into several modules enabling easier absorption of knowledge. Videos with subtitles, infographics, or supplementary readings will allow  the participants to understand the subject fully. Short quizzes are designed to check the knowledge gain. We recommend taking all the courses, but it is possible to choose the ones you are most interested in!

The courses are free of charge for everyone! What is more, the certificate is also free.

But hey, one would say – why marine biotechnology? Maybe try the courses to figure out the answer on your own!