Empowering the Deaf community, now with the help of Eliademy

The Betty and Leonard Phillips Deaf Action Center promotes the independence of the deaf, the hard of hearing and the multi-handicapped deaf in Louisiana.  The Center has made a tremendous effort to provide services, support, and advocacy for this population by providing education to the general public, instructing and directing individuals interested in the field of deafness and encouraging leadership among members of the Deaf Community.  It is to this end, the Center eliminates any and all barriers and, in fact, serves as a beacon and source of unity for all persons affected and touched by hearing loss.

Deaf action centerDeaf action center provides multiple services, from Certification, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) to legal advices. They are using Eliademy and they have been very satisfied with the platform usability, already 4 of their instructors are using Eliademy to deliver courses to the Deaf community of Louisiana, USA.

In a world where a 5% of the total population are disabled with hearing loss (360 million people) we at Eliademy want to support any organization that will provide the means to improve the standard of living of those individuals.

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Anniina Karvinen: “ashtanga yoga is the most daring and adventurous journey”

Dreaming big since she was a little girl, Anniina Karvinen had very clear what she wanted to accomplish with her life. For the ones who know her or the ones who are reading her right now, you can clearly tell how passionate she is about the Ashtanga Yoga lifestyle, something that did not come right away, but grew on her as she started to discover that internal peace and balance for her mind, body and soul that some people might take too long to find.

Part of the Eliademy team had the pleasure to talk to her and why she wants to influence others to immerse into the world of Ashtanga. The more we knew about her and why Ashtanga is so important, the more we want to encourage people  to try it.

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