3 courses you must take on Eliademy

Today we review 3 courses that you should take on Eliademy. Some of them are free, some at fair price, but one thing they have in common is of good quality and excellent student reviews. Lets start!

1) Fundamentals of Accounting from Aalto University Executive Education (English, price: €200)

Aalto University Executive Education Ltd provides executive education, professional development services and training. Their mission is to build a better world through better leadership.

Aalto on Eliademy

Aalto EE is an internationally recognized executive education and leadership development organization. As a part of Aalto University they hold the ‘Triple Crown’ of accreditations, the three most respected business university accreditations, granted to only 0.4% of world’s business schools: AACSBAMBA and EQUIS.

Fundamentals of Accounting is a cost-effective and flexible study module on basic financial and management accounting. What does the profit and loss statement on the balance sheet tell us? What are the key financial indicators? How can I assess the profitability of investments? And what are the key principles of budgeting? How can I use accounting in support of the strategic business management?

With an average satisfaction score of 4 stars out of 5 this course is one of the best that you can take @ Eliademy.

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Darren Trofimczuk: When passion, technology and education merge to inspire others


Currently living in Finland, in a small town called Jävenpää, Darren Trofimczuk came from the UK with huge ambitions and dreams. Despite having found love for his wife and 2 children, Darren also found passion for education and technology, something that he shares with politics, aviation and sports.

When you say such wonderful things with that level of passion about something, you must wonder where did that passion born, to which he replied: “I first studied Information Technology back in 1994 when my school bought computers that were for using a new phenomenon called the internet. Since this date I have been involved with computers ever since and went on to study a degree in Information Technology at University. I didn’t plan to become a teacher and worked in the private sector for the first few years and then went on to train as a teacher. It was only when I taught my first class about computers that I knew I had a talent that I could pass onto younger minds.

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