Weekly Product Update

This week’s update has focused on making newcomers experience better. In particular, we’ve:

  • Completely new, helpful introduction emails with links to the most up to date resources and video tutorials
  • Set up a system of automatic tips and tricks depending on your proficiency with Eliademy
  • Added video instructions about use of certificates and charging for the course right into user interface
  • Added notifications for each added or deleted live session
  • Updated email template to include instructor’s name, to make sure recipient always knows who sent the emails.
  • Updated algorithm of average grade calculation. If some of your student didn’t submit an assignment, it does not affect average grade calculation for the task or course in overall
  • Added proportional representation of the score received for any quiz. Now instead of seeing “14/15 correct” as results, any students will see “Your results: 93% (14/15 correct)
  • Updated course reuse functionality – now you can reuse any course from past or currently teaching
  • Fixed reported problems with “unsubscribe” and password reset URLs

New Eliademy update

Don’t forget to let us know about any issues you notice and please do vote for the next feature at Ideas forum. We are relying on your help to add new localizations Eliademy, if you have a minute of free time, please volunteer!

– Sergey Gerasimenko, co-founder & CPO