Kagman High School (Northern Mariana Islands) welcome to Eliademy

Kagman High School is one of three public high schools on SaipanNorthern Mariana Islands. It is part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Public School System and opened in January 2002. KHS serves about 645 students from the villages of Kagman, north to Capitol Hill and to Marpi.

Eliademy public schools We liked their Vision and Mission so we are reposting it from their website:

VISION: Students will graduate college and career ready to be productive in an independent global society.


  • To offer equal educational opportunity for all students by providing optimum curriculum, instruction, community service, and work experience in academic and career – technical education so that they become productive and contributing members of the Commonwealth and the global world
  • To guarantee challenging, engaging, and intentional instruction to ensure curricular pathways to success by providing whole-child student supports through the creation of high performance school cultures and data driven “high-reliability” systems.
  • To provide certified, qualified, and effective personnel
  • To plan, build, and maintain school facilities conducive to learning, safe, orderly, and accessible to all
  • To establish effective communications and collaboration of all stakeholders for meaningful and productive partnership
  • To allocate financial and technical resources meet the educational needs of all students

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