Partnership with Cherie Enns Consulting

Cherie Enns Consulting is a consultancy organization which specializes on building lasting communities all over the world. Founded in 2011 by Cherie Enns, it is currently running different programs on child-friendly development, age-friendly design, affordable housing and education. Its projects are based on action research and innovative project management.

We are proud to announce the partnership between Eliademy and Cherie Enns Consulting.

Cherie Enns Consulting is a partner of Eliademy.

In collaboration with Eliademy, Cherie Enns Consulting has already been part of the creation of Eminus Academy which aims at creating “an entrepreneurial and sustainable development applied certification program that is interactive and dynamic (in essence a virtual global classroom), using state of the art digital media”. Eminus has been developed in collaboration between the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), BASF Foundation and the University of the Fraser Valley. Cherie Enns recently wrote an article on our blog on the progress of Eminus Academy.

Eminus Academy, partner of Eliademy

Cherie Enns Consulting shares our vision of democratizing education and building a more sustainable future.

If you want to know more about our measures for Corporate Social Responsibility, visit our page Eliademy Love. By the way, did you know that Eliademy is a member of the United Nations Global Compact?

Eminus achieving education for all

We are glad to welcome a post of our first guest blogger, Cherie Enns. Cherie Enns is the coordinator of the project Eminus Academy, a program of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), BASF Foundation and the University of the Fraser Valley (UVF). Eminus Academy is a close partner of Eliademy and offers courses on our platform.Logos of UN-Habitat and BASF Stiftung, founder of Eminus Academy, which offers courses on Eliademy

Eminus achieving education for all

Eminus Goal:

To create an entrepreneurial and sustainable development applied certification program that is interactive and dynamic (in essence a virtual global classroom), using state of the art digital media[1]. Continue reading

The World of Work Training Centre, welcome to Eliademy

The World of Work Training Centre offers vocational training in a range of different fields like Customer Service, Safety and Health, Teacher Training, etc. to young people and adults in the United Kingdom. With over 17 years of expertise in education, they are accredited by the UK’s leading Awarding Bodies. They use different ways of teaching (blended learning, one-to-one, classroom-based, e-learning) to enhance the learning process of their customers.

In a world in constant change, they understand the importance of life-long learning both for individuals and businesses. Their aim is to “improve the skills and capabilities of young people and adults across the UK and to provide realistic solutions to the training and recruitment needs of businesses in the current economic climate”.

The World of Work Training Center uses Eliademy Premium to offer online courses to their customers.

We are glad to help The World of Work Training Centre in this mission and hope we will enable them to serve their customers better thanks to the numerous e-learning functionalities of Eliademy platform (private learning space, live webinars, advanced learner analytics, etc.).

If you too are interested in using Eliademy for training purposes, check our brochure “Eliademy for Training Companies” and start a 30-day trial.

CBTec Joins FIBS, Finland’s Corporate Responsibility Network

FIBS_eng_CMYKToday, we are happy to announce that CBTec, the company behind has officially joined FIBS,  the leading Corporate Responsibility network of Finland. This is as part of our mission to expand the opportunity for learners to access educational content. FIBS is the leading network for responsible business in Finland. It has been successfully promoting financially, socially and environmentally sustainable business since its establishment in 2000.

Eliademy, the free classroom on the cloud made by CBTec has received unprecedented popularity and the user base continues to grow day by day. To ensure Eliademy will always be free for educational institutions as well as provide responsible businesses the opportunity of tapping into the education technology sphere, we are experimenting a “Classroom in the Cloud” CSR programme for large organizations to sponsor the deployment of Eliademy in special areas and regions of the world, most especially emerging economies. By sponsoring this e-learning initiative, these companies can be proud that they are enabling basic education tools for learners, mostly young people

By being member of FIBS, we will have access to information about the latest research, tools and best practices in this area as well as obtain peer support for the long-term management of responsible business and the creation of new practices through a peer network.

This announcement enriches our network and partners’ list which includes LEAD AaltoAIESECACBSP, TIVIT among others. The race to advancing humanity through education technology is what we are after, and every effort takes us a step further. To obtain more information about this development, you may contact Sotiris Makrygiannis, our CEO at CBTec.

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On behalf of CBTec

Eliademy Partners with AIESEC in Finland, World’s Largest Youth-Run Organization

CBTec is happy to announce partnership with AIESEC in Finland. Among other Finnish organizations Eliademy partners with, AIESEC in Finland represents an example of how non-educational institutions can use our online education platform, Eliademy. AIESEC exist for peace and fulfilment of human kind’s potential, we exist to democratize education with technology. We found an alignment in purpose and thus we decided to partner.

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization. Through its internship program, AIESEC offers young people from all over the world the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and true leadership skills that matter today. So how do they use Eliademy? AIESEC in Finland has about 300 members who works to facilitate its internship programmes and it strives to train, coach, mentor and nurture their talents. We saw an opportunity to collaborate with a good demography of digital natives and digital immigrants and we acted. Currently, AIESEC has more than 5 of its induction courses hosted on Eliademy. The teachers in this context are the leaders of the organization who possess the right to invite new members to an induction course which contains videos, images, files and other document forms required to pass knowledge and information unto its new generation of members.

“The system is simple, looks nice and it is a much more better engagement tool. Thanks to these characteristics” stated Mari Vilppula, the Vice President of Talent Management and Communication for AIESEC in Finland. Furthermore, this partnership also provides a great access to some of the best talents around the world. CBTec Ltd, the company behind Eliademy has been recruiting interns through its Global Internship Programme as well as its local members in Finland.

Eliademy continues to partner with diverse organizations in order to create value and bring education to people through its dynamic platform. We have much more to reveal in the coming days, stay tuned.

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