Sookmyung Women’s University from South Korea joins Eliademy

South Korea Eliademy Sookmyung Women’s University (Korean: 숙명여자대학교(淑明女子大學校)) is a private university in Yongsan-guSeoulSouth Korea. Founded in 1906, Sookmyung is Korea’s first royal private educational institution for women. It has long history of educating female leaders in history. Sookmyung’s name come from ancient characters with meaning “elegant” and “bright”.

We are excited that our service is already used by 1000s of South Koreans and looks like that Eliademy popularity in the country will only grow after this special documentary about Supercell and Eliademy from South Korean national television.

If you want a glimpse of what kind of courses are served in South Korean language, take a look professor HYUNGYUL KIM profile on Eliademy.

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