Weekly Product Update

This week update focused on simplifying even further the course access settings and responding to various issues that you have noticed via UserVoice. In particular we have:

  • Simplified course setting page and added additional explanations of various course modes
  • Fixed problem with custom background picture that was reseting while changing category
  • Improved display of submission counters across all platform
  • Improved reliability of assigning additional teacher on a course
  • Simplified starting Eliademy Premium trial
  • Added transaction receipts history for Eliademy Premium

We also updated default user picture for each new user, but please remember that it is very easy to change you profile picture by importing it from your social media account.

Thank you for your feedback during this week. Please remember to share your experience with us directly or via Ideas forum. If you have a minute of free time, please volunteer to make Eliademy fully available in your language.

Spring is finally here, enjoy it as much as we do!

IMG_6181– Sergey Gerasimenko, co-founder & CPO