One more Yoga school on Eliademy, South Africa

Ananda Sanga Educational Institute (ASEI) is an academic institute in South Africa dedicated to spreading the ancient Art and Science of Yoga to humanity. They are dedicated to quality holistic yoga education and training, nationally and internationally. This is achieved by imparting the ancient knowledge of Yoga to sincere students for integration of “body, mind and soul. “

Yoga South Africa

They aim: To promote ethical, integrated yoga principles in a way that is compatible to all traditions, cultures and social groups.

We welcome them to Eliademy, and we believe that together and step by step we will be able to spread education for body, mind and soul all around the world.

The benefits of Yoga are starting to be common knowledge. Yoga is good for the heart and breathing but also is perfect for mindfulness. Maybe one day Yoga will become part of the school curriculums and replace or compliment the classic physical training. Here is an interesting article on the benefits of Yoga from the popular WebMD service.

We would like to invite more Yoga trainers to use Eliademy LIVE courses to offer their services. This method of teaching is becoming popular in the west and is preferred because you can exercise at anytime and from the convenience of your home.

Anniina Karvinen: “ashtanga yoga is the most daring and adventurous journey”

Dreaming big since she was a little girl, Anniina Karvinen had very clear what she wanted to accomplish with her life. For the ones who know her or the ones who are reading her right now, you can clearly tell how passionate she is about the Ashtanga Yoga lifestyle, something that did not come right away, but grew on her as she started to discover that internal peace and balance for her mind, body and soul that some people might take too long to find.

Part of the Eliademy team had the pleasure to talk to her and why she wants to influence others to immerse into the world of Ashtanga. The more we knew about her and why Ashtanga is so important, the more we want to encourage people  to try it.

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